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The beauty of untouched nature

The island Krk is the second largest Adriatic island connected with the mainland with a 1,5km long bridge making it accessible by car unlike any other Croatian islands. The international airport makes the island even more accessible as it connects the island with Western Europe and Scandinavia. The total area of the island is 406 km2 and it inhabits 18 000 people. There are 70 settlements on the island and Sabljići is one of them.

Airport Rijeka

18 000 inhabitants


The Krk bridge 1.5 km long

Surface of the island 406 km2




Sabljići is a small village with only a dozen of houses and a small number of inhabitants, located on the western part of the island, 3,5km from the sea. Malinska is the closest little town, whereas the main town on the island, the town of Krk, is 8km away, and it can be reached by walking trails and bicycle paths.

Sabljići is located in an untouched rural area, and due to its originality the village was declared a protected ethnographic area, surrounded by olive groves and green meadows on a 93m altitude with a panoramic view on the bay of Kvarner.

Interior for a


The town of Krk is one of the oldest settlements in Croatia. Its town walls date back to the 1st century B.C. and are one of the many tourist attractions. Even today, people can have a walk around these walls which were rebuilt on several occasions until the end of the 15th century. Villas Ana and Helena await you to discover the magic and beauty of untouched nature… which tells stories!



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